Standalone desktop applications (13)


Abyssmedia is back with another full-featured solution to perfect mixes in general and bpm detection and key detection in particular. They implemented a multi-core solution for fast processing and made it compatible with Windows 10.

Free trial and $14.95 license.


Drag and drop your iTunes files into this simple-to-use app and BPM of the song will be detected and the song file updated. 

Multi-threaded analysis that makes perfect use of multi-core processors. For OSX 10.10 (Yosemite).

BeatGauge is available for $7.99 (USD) in the Apple Mac App Store.


SongKong is an automated music tagger that can identify your songs using metadata and audio fingerprints against the MusicBrainz and Discogs databases. It can then correct your metadata and add your artwork.

Additionally, the SongKong Pro version can now add the bpm for most of the songs matched to MusicBrainz. You do not actually have to calculate the bpm for each song yourself ( which can be very time consuming) instead MusicBrainz has already calculated the bpm of over a million songs using crowd sourcing (acousticbrainz) so as the song is identified the bpm is added just like other metadata such as artist or album.

SongKong uses its own integrated database containing MusicBrainz, Discogs and AcousticBrainz so that it can identify songs quickly.

Free BPM Detector

Desktop application for windows that scans multiple songs and writes the BPM to the ID3v2 MP3 tag.

License: freeware.

The same company offers various other MP3 tools.  

Abyssmedia BPM Counter

Promises fewer errors and better precision than others apps because it uses higher quality mp3 decoders.

For Windows.



Cadence is a desktop application (Mac and Windows) and an iPhone app. The desktop application analyses the songs, detects the beat, and saves the BPM measure to the song file. The iPhone app that plays songs based on that BPM number.

Cadence Desktop has a trial version (free) and a paid version ($10.99 Mac, $11.99 Windows); Cadence App for the iPhone is $4.99.

MixMeister BPM Analyzer

Import the songs into MixMeister and it will compute BPM automatically and save that information in the ID3 tag. You can also export a text file with that information, which is one way of creating BPM playlists if you are using Winamp.
Windows and Mac version
Free, but you have to give your email and join the Free Stuff mailing list.


Does automatic BPM count and Beat Intensity analysis and lets you save the data to the iTunes library. 
For Mac.
15 day trial; however, the trial version does not export BPM to iTunes.

Beat Counter - Cubic Carrot Software

A batch BPM analyzer for music files. Export to Id3v2 and directly to iTunes. (Mac OS X 10.6+).


Automatically (or manually) determine BPM and store the result in iTunes. Create matchlists, i.e. playlists based on one or more sample songs. Analyzes more than just beats: sound color, key, and more.
Trial period: two weeks. 
For Mac and Windows.

BPM ProScan

Seems to be at least as complete as MixMeister and also free. Many specialized options: BPM in fractions or in BPM/100 integers; writes to TBPM in ASCII instead of UNICODE; etc.

BPM Detector Pro

Analyses not only mp3 and WAV, but also music CD's. BPM information is saved in a text file or is appended or prepended to the song filename. Does not save to the ID3v2 tag.
US$24.95; demo available.

Beat Monitor - Cubit Carrot Software

A real-time BPM analyzer for the audio recorded by the Mac or the audio that is played on the Mac. (Mac OS X 10.6+)
$19.99. And also a version for iOS.