The List

Started: Jan 2004 - Latest update: September 2016.

Want to classify your music collection according to tempo, beat, or BPM? This page is for you. With the software here described you can create a playlist with a fast rhythm for the gym, a playlist with slow music to relax, etc.

I started this page way back in 2004 out of frustration with Winamp and iTunes—the two main digital media player and list-maker applications. Because neither had a way to compute the BPM, I started looking for other software and keeping track of it in this page. 

MP3 is the main audio format covered by the applications listed below. However, some of the BPM software also covers other audio formats such as AAC, and WAV. Some audio formats have very limited support and DRM-protected audio formats (AAC, etc.) are even more restricted. If your iTunes library has some DRM-protected songs, you can remove DRM from them, following these instructions on iTunes.

If you found this page because you too were looking for BPM detection information, then you may know of some application not yet listed here. In that case, please contact me using the link in the navigation box. Don't forget to also send me your feedback on the applications you ended up using.

If you think this page is useful and you have a web site, please link to the page with the link "BPM Detection". Thank you—back links are very much appreciated. If you are a developer and would like your application listed here, please contact me too.

Update March 2012: Moved from a page at to its own site!