Bruce Abel on beaTunes

The application seems to work as advertised. I am evaluating the trial version, primarily for the beats per minute functionality. In general it seems pretty good.

The analysis of a single track seems to be a little slower than using MixMeister. MixMeister does not have an accuracy slider. I have not compared the two in terms of accuracy of the beat count. Who knows? BeaTunes may be more accurate and therefore slower at the 'most accurate' setting (which is what I am using - as there seems to be a fair amount of discrepancy between results derived with that setting or with the default 'average' setting).

One feature that may come in handy is some form of notation regarding how 'sure' the application is of its BPM calculation for each track (if that's even possible). This notification issue also relates to the beat analysis range... How am I to know if the tracks I have selected to analyses are within the range. If they happen to be outside, do I receive a warning that the track is not suitable using the selected range, does the analysis for that track fail with no warning and not embed metadata for the BPM, does it return an inaccurate result? This is an area that I strongly believe requires further documentation and / or feedback within the application.

Other than that, the application seems to work as advertised for the BPM analysis. So far it's all automated and feeding results nicely to the metadata and iTunes. The other features of this app, like analyzing for song 'color' etc are outside the scope of this review.