Daniel A. on MixMeister

I was trying to find a good BPM recognition software and wound up on your page after a Google search. After reading the reviews, the only one I tried was the MixMeister... and it was incredible! If you want to include a new helpful quote on your page, add the following:

MixMeister was perfect! With iTunes (most recent version as of Sept. 2011), I didn't even have to close the window before the BPM information popped up; it imported into iTunes the instant MixMeister was done with it. After I tested it with satisfactory results, I simply selected my entire "iTunes Music" folder, and my whole 6000+ track library had full BPM information saved within minutes. It was easier than I ever would have dreamed!

However, as another person mentioned here, MixMeister will sometimes mistake quarter notes for half notes or vice versa, so the BPM is occasionally off by a multiple of 2. If the song seems twice as fast as the BPM indicates, it probably is! Just double the figure and it's likely right on.