Listening to songs by BPM - iOS

Horacio Mijail wrote a great article about what happens after you actually tag all your songs with BPM... Specifically, how to use BPM while listening on your iPhone?

He says << the only apps I have found that allow me to do this are djay 2 by Algoriddim and Anytune by Anystone. djay 2 is paid. Anytune has a free version - and the pro options look amazing.>> It's a good article.

Horacio also sent to some detailed instructions on how to actually go about using Anytune that way:

You first need to "import" the songs to an Anytune list: 
  • tap on the icon to the left of the bottom button bar (it looks like a folder with the Anytune icon on it)
  •  tap on the + sign
  • select "list" to make a list, but the straightest way seems to be to just select "iPod library" from the list under "Import to 'all tracks'"
  • all the songs get listed into the "all tracks" list; tap on it to see them
  • now you can select the details of the listing: the sorting icon, second from the right, shows you the options. Select BPM so the BPM values are also shown.